Monday, March 1, 2010

Has spring arrived?

Did I miss the memo? Is spring here already. I saw this today while driving to the bank (it's the thermometer for my car) and immediately cracked the windows open.

Yep, you are reading that correctly, it says 50 Degrees!!! Hello spring, oh how I have missed you!

On another note, today was Penguin's first day of work which I am totally excited about, but that means it is also my turn to cook (yikes, remember last time?) I am so totally worried that I will burn dinner again. For dinner I turned to the book my sister Rockle got us for Christmas, and will be attempting to make the Salsa Chicken. Hopefully, my cooking it for the minimum time that is suggested dinner will be edible. I am going to serve it with brown rice and a salad. Here's to hoping that spring is sticking around, and that I won't ruin another meal!


Jules said...

It got a little bit warmer around my way too today and I was so pleased. Bring on spring!

Good luck with dinner tonight. It sounds tasty!

rockle said...

let me know how it turns out. i'd hate for this gift to turn out to be a dud.

Shelze said...

Dinner actually turned out really yummy. I cooked it for 1.5 hours instead of the higher end of the time 2 hours, no burning, and the chicken was sooo juicy!

mom said...

you can do it hey i got that ticket in mail again !!!!! love mom