Thursday, March 18, 2010

21 days...

Until opening day with the Iron Pigs! Penguin and I went down there to pick up our tickets yesterday for the game June 18th, for when they play the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Yankees. Yesterday was such a beautiful day and I wish the weather was going to be like this forever.

It looks like it is starting to become baseball season and that makes me so excited. Last year Penguin and I went to our first major league baseball game together, we went to a game during spring ball, we saw the LAA Angels play the Texas Rangers during Cactus league baseball. We are excited to be going to see the... and continue a fun tradition of sitting on the lawn! We didn't make any games last year, but at $6/ticket we definitely want to make it to more games! We are looking right now to see if we can go Opening Day...doesn't that sound great!

Oh, and Happy Belated St Patrick's day! Hope you wore your green. Here is a pick of Penguin and me...wearing our Luck 'O the Irish


mom said...

thanks for taking dad yesterday i always have too much going on not necessarily in correct order love mom

rockle said...