Friday, August 3, 2012

Fitness Friday

Whoa! Friday is here! Wow, how quickly the week is going by. Yesterday, I ran 4 miles, 2 of the miles were sub 10 minutes, the second mile was my fastest ever at 9:35.

It looks like all those trips up and down these blasted things....

And all of those early morning trips to the gym are finally paying off. I am happy with that, it's exciting to know that with hard work and determinationg, good, no scratch that, great things come to those who wait. I am really excited and looking forward to seeing how my training continues as I am preparing for my next half marathon. I cannot wait for it, to hopefully run the entire thing pain free. Slow but steady wins the race, right?!?
Tonight, I ran with my friend M again. Yep, I did a double session, and honestly it felt fantastic. She ran her longest distance ever, 2.5 miles, but more importantly, I, no wait, she ran the last 4 minutes nonstop. It is great for her, her entire 2.5 miles was a walk run walk combo, but I encouraged her to run the last "lap around the track" nonstop. I knew she could do it, and now, hopefully she knows she can do it.  I really think she is starting to believe in herself, just like I have believed in her all along. While we were running, she asked me where I came up with the one liners. If only she knew, ha! Things like this...
Pinned Image

when I am done

And lastly, I told her something similar to this, and I believe it is so very true...
Getting better every day.

So, here is to a happy, healthy, fit weekend! Tomorrow, I am going to do a bootcamp, and then back at it again next week! Don't forget the 30 day August Ab challenge going on. I am going to do this everyday, and since I took a photo at the beginning, I will take a photo half way through and then at the end. How will you challenge yourself and change yourself?!?

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