Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Shirt Exchange and other stuff

So, there is this awesome chicka named Heather who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Anyway, she is my blogging friend, who one day I hope to meet in real life. Well, we were talking on facebook and decided amongst ourselves to do a shirt swap. It all started because she loves my running club's logo...

I then asked her if she wanted one, and that is when we developed this swap. I had hoped to build this awesome package and well, I failed miserably on my end. I ended up sending her a shirt and my infamous "Doubt is a Skanky Wuss" so she could hang it up in a place that she could see. It's OK, I have plans to make her random care packages, especially when she needs one the most (I hear she has a marathon coming up ;) ) Well, my loot came yesterday, but because of my new work schedule, they were closed. I got it today, and let me tell you, she out did herself. 

That shirt says "Pints to Pasta" and now I want to go run it and want to meet her in real life! Receiving this package makes me kinda miss the Pacific Northwest, especially because I lived in Seattle and lived in an apartment above a Starbucks that delivered. I cannot wait to make more care packages and sending them her way. Who doesn't love getting mail that is not a bill.

Now, onto more fitness related topics. I heard through the grapevine, also known as my fellow #SweatPink Ambassadors, who told me about this awesome August Abs Challenge. You can read about it on facebook here.  The gist of the challenge is as follows:

50 abdominal crunches, ab twists or ANY abdominal exercise of YOUR choice every day of August!!! If you can do more... do more! But I challenge each of YOU to do a MINIMUM of 50 repetitions!!!

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Day 1 was a success and I have Bob to thank for that. After each trip up/down the steps we do 10 crunches, therefore we did 100 today. And, speaking of the steps, who needs a sandbag. I had my daughter with me, and while I knew it was going to be difficult,
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So, I did just that and I did 8 pf the 10 reps carrying my daughter. And, since I didn't want to hurt myself, I only went half way up the total steps, but half carrying an additional 28 pounds is a huge deal, right? Yeah, I thought so too. What did you do today?

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jenna said...

shirt swap idea is so cute! i love that!!