Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quick Moment

Being a nurse, is hard work, working 10 hour shifts is hard work. Balancing work and life is an even harder task.  But, for now, it is working. That will be until my hubby's work schedule changes, then my schedule will change.  Not my work schedule, but my workout schedule. But, I will figure it out. Not working out kills me in a way, it is my way to work off stress, and I have noticed how much more relaxed I am now that I am back in the habit. Today, though, was going to be a rest day.  I was going to go to the gym, but I have a 12 hour work day ahead of me. I wanted to sleep just a little longer. I wanted to stay in bed just a little longer. So, while I didn't go to the gym, today is not a waste. As you know from facebook, I am currently involved in a 31 day August Ab Challenge, so, I did my 50 crunches today to stay on track. I feel better knowing that today is not going to be a wash. While I am going to be exhausted, I won't be able to be upset with myself for not working out. I saw this quote and once I read it, it pushed me to do my crunches...
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So, while the rest of today will be a blur and will be spent at work, I know that I won't beat myself up from being lazy. I slept 20 minutes longer, still did my crunches, and even got to blog. All before I leave for work. Looks like today will be a good day after all. The only downside, no running of stairs. It's ok, I know that I will get back at it as soon as possible!
Have a great Hump day!
Happy Anniversary to my husband! While it has had its rough moments, joyous moments and craziness, I love you with all of my heart! I found this and it made me think of you..
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Happy Anniversary, I love you today, tomorrow and always.

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