Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday and Saturday fun...

Photo courtesy of Brian

So, as you may or may not know, we were supposed to go to the beach on Friday. We didn't however because mother nature had other plans. It was still a nice day off, we hung out at my folks house, well until Makayla needed to nap. We came home, and she napped for 3 hours. While it wasn't the day we had planned, it was still a nice break from the 4 day work week. Saturday was also a relaxed day. I ran 5 miles with my BCR friends, and while out of no where I had an odd twinge in my leg, I ran with a great running partner and she helped me get through the run.  Thanks again April! After running we went to breakfast, and while it wasn't the best service, you really can't help enjoy yourself with this group of people.

So, that night a friend of mine had baseball tickets available to see the IronPigs. I was super excited, I had only been to one other game so far this year, and that is totally a shame! Anyway, we went and I think Makayla had a lot of fun. Here, you tell me what you think.
She wanted to sit in her own seat, with a little help from me.

This was her hat, and she wouldn't let me forget it.

Anyway we made it until the 7th inning and she was getting restless and tired so we left. While I took this photo because I thought it was cool, I had no idea that right after we left the heavens would open up and unleash more of Mother Nature's fury.

Still, it was awesome, I just wish we would have gone to more games, and maybe each year we can go to as many games as Makayla is old.  Last year we went to 1, this year 2. Haha, and I thought I was so smart. Anyway, that is how my weekend started, I can't wait to tell you had it ended.

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