Monday, July 16, 2012

Down and out...

Lately I have been in a funk. Really, a deep down dirty funk. I really felt like no matter what I did, I wasn't going to see results. Heck, I don't see the results that I have managed to accomplish. I felt like no matter how hard I trained it wouldn't make any difference in my running. Really, I think that is why I haven't gone to the gym, why I gave up on the race on Saturday before it even started. (It was tough, but nothing like the Quadzilla race my friends just ran). Well, then I saw my sister J. She has no idea that I am writing this (she is at the airport waiting to go home to Chicago) and hopefully she will not get mad at me for being honest.

J, I want to thank you and your husband for your compliments. Thank you for noticing the difference in my appearance and how my hard work is paying off. Thank you! It means a lot to me that someone who doesn't see me often notices the differences and I hope to never let you down. Thank you for accepting me for me, and encouraging me to keep on keeping on. I really want to make you guys proud of me, and hopefully one of these times I will be running with you in Chicago.  Having you be proud of me has reignited the flame that was lit, but that was close to being extinguished. I love you!

To my fellow SweatPink Ambassadors,
Through think and thin and when we believe and then doubt in ourselves, let us strive to help each and every one of us love us for us and for believing that raising our bar is what makes us who we are. Together we will help others #SweatPink and believe in themselves and one person at a time help to make everyone healthier and make Sweating Pink the next big thing.

I have also decided to take a break from running races. Don't worry, I will be back at it next weekend, but this weekend I am going to run with my friends and fall back in love with running. Racing all the time takes its toll on my self esteem and therefore drains me from my love. Racing as we all know, gets to be expensive, so I need to be a little more selective. So, instead of racing this weekend, I am going to run with my friends and then heading over to Volunteer at one of the Lehigh Valle Road Runners Kids Series Events. If you are in the area, why don't you try to stop by and offer some help and help children find their love of exercise and running. I will be there, will you?

I may be down, but I am not out. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will be running at 8pm with a young lady I met at orientation. Hopefully we will survive the hills we have planned and I will be able to blog about it.

Happy Monday!

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