Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh what a feeling!

Yesterday, I woke up at 445 and headed to the gym. While I was groggy at first and cursed myself for losing sleep to go, when I got there I was re energized by the atmosphere. What a feeling it was to be back in the swing of things. I am going to be realistic here. I can't go from not going to the gym to expect to go every day. No, instead, I am only planning on going twice a week (M and F). What a way to book end the work week.  It will be interesting here to see how this will work out once I know what Joe's work schedule will be and with my schedule changing to 10 hour days, but I can only change what I can change and therefore there is no reason to stress over things.  At the gym I first did some ab work (I need to find some more to do) and then hit the elliptical for 10 minutes on level 3. I am still doing the things the Physical Therapist had told me to do, and since I was MIA from the gym for the while, I thought it was best to stick to it.  Once the elliptical was over, I went and hit the weights for my legs and even did some exercises using just body weight. I like to think that it is making me stronger, and hopefully it really is, but only time will tell me.  It is a good sign that I was able to run 5 miles on Saturday pain-free, and I am going to continually to slowly increase my mileage. I am not worried about not getting the mileage up to where I want it, I am more worried about getting it to stay pain free. It was great to get back into the gym, and oddly, I am really excited that I got myself there yesterday!
Today, I am going to introduce my friend to the world of running. I word it this way, because this said friend just completed the Spartan Race without training for it or anything, and she said that even her best friends thought she would have dropped out right away. But sheer determination, she finished the race. I don't know if she is proud of herself or not, but she should be. Anyway, I recommended that she head over to our local running store to get a pair of shoes that is fitted for her to provide her the best support and will do what she wants it to do.  So, today is the day. We will be meeting up and going running. My plan is to do a modified couch to 5K program with her. I told her she needed to be accountable on the days she doesn't run with me, and she agreed to do just that. So, I will run with her today, and when she is done, I may or may not go for more mileage. It all depends on how long her session is. One short run isn't going to kill me, actually, my legs may appreciate the rest since tomorrow is steps day!
My sister J made my day yesterday.  I randomly received this message via twitter and it made me smile. She somehow seems to always know what I need.

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Jenny @ The Little J-Bird said...

Girl, it takes dedication to get up that early to get to the gym. Good job! :)