Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What dreams may come...

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So, as you may recall, this past weekend a friend of mine asked me to help her get running. Well, today was our first run together, and she did awesome! I think she was nervous at first, like I still get before a race.  It was nice. In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect. She told me that she had never run before, so I thought it would be nice if she was able to go a mile. We started with a brisk walk, and then started to run. Slow and steady for 3 minutes...she needed to walk, so we did. 30 seconds later, she wanted to run again, so we did. We did that for a mile. She was so EXCITED!! I asked her if she wanted to go a little further, we continued with the walk/run combo for 1.25 miles. Then we turned back. I didn't want us to get too far out and then realize she wouldn't be able to make it back. I let her dictate how far we went. At 1.25 miles she stated that 3 minutes was too long of a run period, we backed it down to 2 minutes, but kept it at 30 seconds of walking. At 1.5 miles she was beyond happy. She was like I can do this! I knew she can. We continued, and at 2 miles I congratulated her with high fives and hugs! She did it! She didn't even think she could have done it. At the end of 2 miles she stated how much fun she had. How it was fun to have someone to run with. I was so and am so proud of her. She even wants to join the running club on Saturday, I believe I even talked her into doing TheColorRun NJ in Sept, 
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but not for a time, but just for pure entertainment. I am so excited to do this run! Anyone else wanna join?!?
I have to admit, I really thoroughly enjoyed the 2 mile run with her. It was nice to go out and just run, not worry about time, to spend some time outside of work together while working on getting healthy. It was weird for me to be giving her advice, on strides, on what to wear, to buy bodyglide. I still don't consider myself a runner, is that normal? When did you consider yourself a runner?
Well, I better get to bed, I have steps to do tomorrow. I hope you all had a great day! What did you do to #SweatPink today?

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