Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's a heat wave!

Today is day 11 of the heat wave, or so the news says. I personally think it has been hot for longer than that, and with next week being in the upper 80s, I am not sure that will be much cooler. But, at least it is sunny and warm and not cold. Did you catch that storm yesterday?! It was pretty neat, the kind of summer storm that I really enjoy, hot and muggy, the rain moves in and out in a hurry and cools the place down. It was a complete difference after the storm than before the storm.  We were at a birthday/4th of July party, so I wasn't sure what had happened at home, the only thing I could noticed was that we lost power. But, nothing a little resetting of the clocks can't fix.

Earlier yesterday morning, I ran with my BCR peeps. I am glad that had moved the start time to 7am, because it was a scorcher even that early. I really think that my work at the gym is paying off because I ran 4 miles without pain.  And it wasn't like I ran them slow, I had Bob pace me at a faster pace to get me out of a rut. He paced me at 10 min/mile and I was able to hold that pace for 2 miles.  It wasn't that I physically couldn't do it, but cardiovascular wise I was spent. My lungs felt like they were going to explode. A month off of running like I used totally killed my cardiovascular fitness. While I felt like I couldn't go anymore, I made sure not to walk, I just slowed my pace down a little bit. It feels great to know that I CAN run 10 min/miles. And Now I know..

To work more on my cardiovascular tank, I will be working with Bob on steps and something like strides. Not sure what the strides entail, but I am sure sticking with him will help me achieve my goals. I will be talking with Flo, who just happens to be a Beachbody coach, about doing speed work with me, to also help with my time goals. 

Anyway, today I attempted a sock bun. I am not sure how I found this idea, but I am glad I did. Here is my attempt this morning at it...
Stay cool, stay hydrated
Have a great Sunday!

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