Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Today is a milestone

Today I will be running in my 6th race of the year. While that is not a lot to some people, it makes me energized! I only did 2 races in all of last year, but, since I only started in Sept that makes sense.  I have no idea how many more I will do this year. Hopefully this race will be my leaping point into my healing and my training for more 1/2 marathons. Instead of doing 3 2 weeks apart, I think for my health benefit I should do 1 a month, that would still give me my 3. But, before I cross that bridge, I have to see how my 4 mile run goes today.
I have never run this race before, it is really close to me, and from running this trail myself, it is really flat. Flat is what I need right now, I was told to embrace hills a little later in my running, which is kinda hard living here, but I do what I can to avoid hills. Hopefully it won't be too hot out, but I will enjoy every moment of this running milestone for me. I know the first half was a HUGE milestone, and running 3 in 3 months will be another one, but today, is a mini milestone and I can't wait until how many more there will be.

Happy Birthday USA! Happy 4th of July to all of you! And no matter what you do, just do it and have fun!

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