Thursday, July 12, 2012

I feel good..

Yesterday, I did a double workout. Today, I feel good. A little sore, but after I tell you what I did, I think you will agree that it is acceptable. On Saturday while running with Bob from Breakfast Club Runners, we talked about running stadium stairs at Lafayette later in the week. Well, yesterday was the day. Of course, I was running late, but I made it anyway. Of course, I brought my entourage, but it was good to have Makayla there for these steps. Anyway, Bob didn't wait for me (thankfully) and Brian (I was just meeting him for the first time) was already doing the steps. So, I had asked Bob how many of these things he does...10. OK, I will shoot for that number. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY STEPS THERE ARE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE STADIUM TO THE TOP?!?! I will tell you A LOT!! Check out Brian's website for a picture of these steps. Anyway, I ran up the steps all the way to the top and back down. Then did crunches. Then all the way up again and back down. This repeated one more time, and realized that I didn't want to overdue it. The next 4 times I only ran up to the tunnel and then finally for the last one all the way back up and down again. Between each run, I was greeted by this kid...

Next week, Bob will not be joining me at the stairs, he has the nerve to go on vacation (just kidding) but I know I will DEFINITELY be back at them again.

After the 10 reps of stairs, I was worried that my IT band would hurt, but it didn't. That is good because after that I knew I had another date with another running friend Holly. Off to a LVRR FREE 5K. What's better than free running and free food and running with awesome friends?!  Brian, who I had met earlier in the day, was there, and he captured as much of the run as he could. I word it that way because this particular race we were able to run in 2 different directions, makes it harder for the photographer to capture the race.  Anyway, I didn't know much about this course, so I was really just running it to stretch out my legs since I hadn't run since Saturday. I am so glad that I went. I ran all of the hilly course except for one hill, and my IT band didn't hurt at all. I didn't care for my time so much, but again I was just running it to run, and while my legs felt great, my cardiovascular and lung capacity is still terrible. I NEED to get out and run more. 

Today, my legs are just a little sore. A LOT less sore than I was planning and that makes me happy. I think today I am going to keep it light, stretch and relax it today, and tomorrow head back to the gym. Sat, I have another 5K, this time it is a cross country course which will remind me of Jacobsburg. Speaking of which, I wonder if anyone is up to running that again?!? Hmm.

Happy Thursday!What did you do this week so far?

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rockle said...

i had the first two of 11 classes on 15 days (9 classes and 11 days to go!) and i ate a cupcake. WHOO!